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In spite of their age difference, Mia Malkova and Ricky Mancini live an almost perfect love story. The young american girl does everything she can to keep the man she loves but, like every young woman her age, she’s afraid he will go and see other girls. Cléa Gaultier, her best friend, is the same age but she’s much more confident and, even more important, single. That allows her to “experiment” as much as she wants with as many men as she can. One day, Cléa finally takes things in her own hands to help her friend. She sends Mia to a very special agency ran by Anna Polina and Marina Beaulieu. The two women are true masters at their craft. They organize some of the most perverse games around for couples who want to spice up their sex lives. Once Mia and her husband agree to the rules, they embark on a journey that might go as far as ruining their couple. Each step of the game is tailored to test their love and their will to try out new things without asking any question. Cléa is a true free spirit and very sexually active girl. During a party with friends in a very exclusive Parisian night club, she doesn’t hesitate to have fun with two strangers while Mia watches. In shock, the pretty blond rushes out of the party and goes back to her place with Ricky. Troubled and turned on at the same time, Mia starts fucking Ricky the minute the doors of their rich apartment are closed. Anna, one of the agency’s managers is an expert when it comes to planning sex games but she also loves to put them into practice. Once Mia is gone, the young woman goes to relax in the arms, and between the legs of a young newcomer who couldn’t have asked for more in a very hot lesbian scene. ONLY ONE RULE : NO LIMIT The first step of this perverse game takes Mia and Ricky to a very private party where Mia will experience anal sex with a total stranger while Ricky patiently waits in another room, totally unaware of what his girlfriend is doing. As soon as this test is done, the couple receives an invitation to go to Venice. For the two lovers, who have never been that far outside of Paris, this is an opportunity they can’t miss, but at what price? After a romantic tour of the city, they receive new directions that will lead them to a high end party. There, they’ll live their very first experience with more than one partner. Around them, magnificent creatures have uninhibited sex in this true orgy. While all these games should have separated them, they successfully passed all the tests just to see their love reinforced. THE MARC DORCEL MOVIE OF THE YEAR From Paris to Venice, Director Hervé Bodilis give us the adult film with the biggest budget in Europe this year. Besides a cast of already well established stars like Mia Malkova, Cléa Gaultier, Anna Polina, Lucy Heart, Anny Aurora or Henessy, you’ll have to opportunity to meet hot newcomers such as Melody Clark, Paulina Soul or Izabella. Although they haven’t been in the industry for long, they already know a lot about perversion and sex.



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