Oooooh! (2012) Movie Cover
Often worried about understanding their orgasms, women seek information. Florence goes further and opts, without her husband's knowledge, for an educational weekend at the Manoir de l'amour. Between violent emotional reactions and the discovery of new practices, fulfilment soon prevails...
Sex Games Movie Cover
In spite of their age difference, Mia Malkova and Ricky Mancini live an almost perfect love story. The young american girl does everything she can to keep the man she loves but, like every young woman her age, she’s afraid he will go and see other girls. Cléa Gaultier, her best friend, is the same age but she’s much more confident and, even more important, single. That allows her to “experiment” as much as she wants with as many men as she can. One day, Cléa finally takes things in her own hands to help her friend. She sends Mia to a very special agency ran by Anna Polina and Marina Beaulieu. The two women are true masters at their craft. They organize some of the most perverse games around for couples who want to spice up their sex lives. Once Mia and her husband agree to the rules, they embark on a journey that might go as far as ruining their couple. Each step of the game is tailored to test their love and their will to try out new things without asking any question. Cléa is a true free spirit and very sexually active girl. During a party with friends in a very exclusive Parisian night club, she doesn’t hesitate to have fun with two strangers while Mia watches. In shock, the pretty blond rushes out of the party and goes back to her place with Ricky. Troubled and turned on at the same time, Mia starts fucking Ricky the minute the doors of their rich apartment are closed. Anna, one of the agency’s managers is an expert when it comes to planning sex games but she also loves...
Karen and her husband Christophe knew how to give free rein to their fantasies. Between the incredible high-society orgies in which they regularly participated and their naughty sex games, they had explored all their most perverse desires by always pushing themselves to the limit – perhaps at times even going too far... But Christophe has not been the same man since Karen passed away. The haunting images of gorgeous creatures offering themselves to several men now seem to belong to another life. These days, he tries to recapture those old thrills in the arms of prostitutes in red light districts – but all in vain... The flame that once burnt inside him has been snuffed out and he is desperately attempting to rekindle it. One evening, while out on one of his nocturnal jaunts, Christophe crosses the path of Manon, a beautiful young student so like Karen that she could have been her twin. Bowled over, he now has only one thing on his mind: to relive those distant fantasies with her. Christophe thus lures the innocent Manon on a spectacular and exciting journey of initiation – alongside lustful wealthy couples and amidst lecherous strangers, from dark, disreputable sex shops to the most luxurious villas, Manon will have many experiences after which only luxury, perversion and enjoyment await her...
Nothing to Hide (1981) Movie Cover
This film concerns the adventures of two men who are best buddies. One is an incorrigible ladies' man, the other is the shy, square type, more like a side-kick to his friend. While the Casanova keeps getting in and out of trouble with women, the nerd finally meets a girl he connects with emotionally and eventually, physically (in one of the most tasteful, yet erotic scenes of the genre).
Pulsion (2014) Movie Cover
The film tells the story of Eva, a young woman who seeks professional help for a sexual addiction that threatens to overwhelm her. The therapist recommends a retreat to a rectory in the countryside with a support group of both sexes; will maps of exhaustion be the answer?

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